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Leah Herold

LeahIntimate Pilates Studio for private Equipment Pilates classes.
The lessons are suitable for all levels and age groups, including elderly people or people in stages of rehabilitation, who find it difficult to participate in group classes. Exercising on a Pilates bed (“Reformer”) helps to gradually restore joints and various body muscles. Over the past seven years that I have been teaching Pilates classes, I have gained diverse expertise in teaching people with a broad range of illnesses and injuries, such as patients with Parkinson disease, women rehabilitating from breast cancer, and others.

I have had the privilege to teach all ages, from a young lady aged 17, all the way to an elderly lady of 78.

Equipment Pilates is also known to be one of the most effective ways to keep in shape. The pilates bed is designed to give the best suitable resistance against different muscle groups.

My studio is located on Katzin street in Ra’anana. All my Pilates students are treated in the utmost professional way, and at the same time in a courteous and friendly atmosphere, for fair prices.

For further information, please contact Leah Herold at 054-3452761

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